We seek to capture the views of women, birthing people, their families and other stakeholders from a range of sources including the National Maternity Survey, the Friends and Family Test, compliments, complaints, feedback on social media and face to face meetings within the community.  

The information we gather will be used to inform strategies across the Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS) and generate our own action plans for improvement, working together to find solutions for how this can be done. 

We do this by:

Listening  to your maternity experiences
Informing providers of what we hear
Monitoring actions and changes
Sharing what has happened as a result of feedback.

Other ways we capture feedback:

  • Virtually via a QR code which takes you to our birth experience survey to capture feedback from people currently experiencing maternity care. This is our local take on the national ‘Walk the Patch’ initiative. 
  • Visiting wards and clinical settings to speak to staff across the birth units and community
  • Hosting coffee mornings within the community to encourage families to drop in and share their feedback ad-hoc 
  • Topic-specific focus groups and ad-hoc surveys promoted via social media and within community settings
  • Attendance at well-established baby groups across the county so that we are present to capture feedback from new families