You said, we did. Worksheet.

You said We did
“We want more information on pain relief for the early stages of labour, before we come into hospital” We have produced and filmed short information films on a number of topics. One of them is all about this – it’s called ‘Coping in Early Labour”. In it women share their experiences of what worked for them and midwives make suggestions on what the options are for pain relief
You would like some information about all aspects of feeding your baby and what is available locally A ‘Focus on Feeding’ event has been scheduled for 27th March – you can find out more here
“We want our birth partners to be included so that they can fully support us” A pilot project has been launched so that now partners can stay on Maternity Ward overnight, even on four bedded bays
“We want longer visiting hours!” Visiting hours are now 9am -9pm!
C Sections – more information please! We have produced and filmed two films about caesarean sections. More emphasis will be placed on this topic in antenatal classes & more national information will be made available through our Maternity Voices website. We are also running a quality improvement project which includes improving the theatre environment, looking at music and lighting, as well as offering more skin to skin options!
“We would like more support when we are pregnant or have had our baby and are struggling with our mental health” Gloucestershire Perinatal Mental Health Service was set up to provide specialist support to women and their families. Your Community Midwife can signpost you to mental health support groups in your area and refer you to our yoga in pregnancy classes. We are working with the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust to ensure that pregnant women are prioritised for the ‘Let’s Talk’ service. Work is ongoing on raising the profile of mental health amongst our maternity service health professionals.